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Welcome to The Newcomers Online

Welcome to the Newcomers website.  This Site is currently not updated.  I hope soon to have the time to make some changes, but in reality Facebook is the way to catch up with current information about us.

You must create a username and password to gain access to this site.  Once you do, you will have access to a lot more.

 Thank you so much for showing interest in the site!!!!

Kid News

Nick and Brie are back to School and doing well. Their report cards were great.

Brie is waiting to hear from Shippensburg University to see if she has been accepted.  We should be hearing somethin aby day now.

Nick is his normal tiger self.  Always on the prowl and ready to tear something up!! LOL!!!  He is into the Wii and watching movies.  His Favorites right now are the 007 series.


Family Time
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